We are so thankful to work with such amazing students and volunteers. Here are some of the the great things they’ve said about us.

I like Grace because I like talking to native English speakers. Practicing with them has given me the confidence to speak English and practice more often. I like how the students here want to participate in class. It makes the classes more fun and interesting. I like the different ways the teachers explain and teach us. All of this together creates a great learning environment. – Dulce Rosales Gonzalez, Grace student, 12th grade

I want to continue with English classes at Grace – it is a beautiful space to learn. I like the teaching dynamics. The class instruction has allowed me to learn a lot more. After 7 years of English classes in my school, I felt like I didn’t learn or memorize very much, but here the teaching is stronger and I can tell I’m learning a lot more. I especially like speaking with people from other countries, this aspect of lessons at Grace has helped me quite a bit. I know learning English will help me a lot in my life. – Nahomy Kesly Lopez, Grace student, 9th grade

Grace is changing the community in a positive way. I enjoy seeing the kids learning to speak English and seeing how excited they get when they are able to understand and respond in our conversations. Grace is not only a school but an opportunity for the students to achieve great things. – Amy Keyes, volunteer