Meet our Team

Grace English School Staff


Bill Minihan

President and Founder

Bill Minihan is the Founder and President of Grace English School. Bill has been involved with different organizations in Guatemala for the past 15 years and decided to begin his own nonprofit in Guatemala. Bill always wanted an organization that supports the development of a community through education and specifically English lessons. Bill is also the owner of The Badgett Playhouse Theater in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. During every one of Bill’s shows at the Theater he is constantly promoting the progress that Grace is making in the community of Chimaltenango.


Erin Wright

General Coordinator

Erin Wright works for Grace English School as a coordinator in the United States. Erin is a recent graduate from the University of Michigan.  She has always been passionate about service and volunteered in Guatemala twice before arriving at Grace. In Erin’s opinion, education is one of the most important investments to make in a community. “I hope to see each of the students succeed at their goals in and outside of the classroom. They are such hardworking and smart students and I cannot wait to see how their education will provide more opportunities for them in the future.”

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Hannah Hundley

Private School Director

Hannah has worked in a variety of fields including communications, politics, nonprofit management, and education. She came to Grace having spent two years in Guatemala as a volunteer and team coordinator, traveling the country and coordinating logistics and medical clinics for another organization. Now in her second year with Grace, she will be taking on the role of director of the private school, in addition to continuing to teach preschool. She loves seeing the transformation in her students throughout their first year of school. In her free time, Hannah enjoys traveling and exploring her adopted country of Guatemala, as well as any other countries she is fortunate enough to get the chance to visit. She’s excited to continue growing and improving the services Grace offers to the people of Chimaltenango.


Kelly Clark

Education Supervisor

Kelly Clark is deeply committed to creating effective educational impacts with both teachers and students, Kelly has had several different opportunities to be a change agent. For eight years, Kelly served as a middle school ELA teacher. In that capacity she was a SBDM teacher representative, team leader and received the FAME teacher of the year. As a life-long learner, Kelly gained her National Board certification and then pursued a literacy coaching certificate from Reading Recovery literacy guru, Linda Dorn at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Kelly, working at the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD), served the state as the coordinator of the Adolescent Literacy Coaching Project, a four-year statewide grant to train teachers in schools to become full time literacy coaches. While working at the Kentucky Department of Education, she served as a Literacy Consultant; Social Studies support and lead for the state on global competency.


Reynaldo Juarez Aju

Music Professor

Professor Reynaldo Juarez Aju is from Patzun, Chimaltenango. He graduated from the National Conservatory of Music. He founded the Academy of Arts JD y R in Patzun, Chimaltenango on April 30, 2006.  He founded the Academy in order to help children and young people acquire some artistic skill in the branches of art as: painting, dance, theater and especially music. With the same purpose, he opened a second academy in Chimaltenango in October, 2016 hoping that the children and youth of Chimaltenango take advantage of this opportunity. Professor Reynaldo offers free music lessons to Grace after-school students and teaches music once a week to the private school students as well. He offers lessons in a number of instruments including drums, violin, guitar, ukulele, piano, and trumpet among others.

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Patti and Luis Zuñiga

Medical Professional and Early Childhood Development

Luis Zuñiga and Patricia Anleu, together with their children Jadasa and Zahid, are a family commited to social aid and serving their community. They have a passion to participate and serve in a variety of programs and use their Godgiven talents to remain actively involved in both the health and education fields. Luis has particiapted in many medical conferences and gives medical consults and home visits to those in need. He promotes the importantce of health throughout Guatemala to raise awareness for the lack of access to health services and lack of training and professional development for medical professionals to understand how to better serve their patients. On the other hand, Patricia Anleu has a passion for education especially for the development of preschool aged children. Her love of working with children led her to study preschool education including engaging and fun methods of learning and teaching, math, and the imporantce of utilizing different reading programs. “We have come to Grace in order to contribute our talents and our desire to have an impact and make a positive change in the community. We are thankfull to Grace for letting us be apart of this great family.”

Board of Directors in the United States:

President: Bill Minihan

Vice-President: Denise Johnson

Treasurer / Secretary: Debbie Feagans

General Member: Don Richey

General Member: Sara Minihan

General Member: Natasha Henry