Kentucky Global Competency Program

The Kentucky Department of Education has taken to prepare its students to be well adjusted in an increasingly global world. The Kentucky Global Competency Program Review calls for educators to implement a global learning aspect along with the instruction of world languages.

This program meets several requirement of the Global Competency Program. It not only gives several opportunities for real-time language learning and immersion, but it also can be used to facilitate other elements of the Program such as shared ideas in subjects including math, science, health, politics, economics and other social issues.

It is the hope that this online program will be especially useful to schools that do not have the faculty or the budget for extra activities. All that is required is a Wi-Fi signal and the time allotted for the sessions.

Global Competency Overview

Global Competency and World Language Program Review

World Language Standard

“Study Buddy” Pilot Program – Crittenden County Schools – Marion, KY