Housing Project

Grace English School (GES) started operating in January of 2016. Since its founding, the organization has come far in terms of the quality and number of students it serves. In the beginning of 2017 alone, GES has built three homes for families living in very poor and unhealthy conditions. Some families of six or more are sharing only one room and three beds. They bathe outdoors and cook over open fires. GES knows the value of having adequate shelter and how a safe and dry home can truly change the lives of a family. Three families in the GES community are now living in a newly constructed home complete with an indoor bathroom and electricity. Each family also has a newly installed wood efficiency stove to prevent smoke inhalation and burns that often take place when cooking over an open fire.

GES home building program will continue in 2018 with the goal of building four new homes for another four families. The goal is to build these homes in February of 2018 with masonry help from volunteers.  There are about 25 different families within GES programs who currently are in high need of a proper home, the goal is to eventually provide them all with a secure living space.

Since the approval of the licensing of the full-time English private school at the beginning of 2017, Grace English School has been working with 18 preschoolers ages 4-6 with three full time English teachers from the US and one bilingual Guatemalan teacher.

Home Construction Project

Poverty and inadequate housing are large scale problems throughout Guatemala. It is know that between 56-65% of Guatemalans live on less than $2/day (Guatemala Housing Alliance). Unfortunately, many families live on far less than $2 and have to support large families. With such a small income, the necessities of food and water take precedence and the only affordable housing available is unsafe structures that often lack proper materials.

It is well known that living in a safely constructed home can have beneficial effects in multiple aspects of the family’s life – including health and education. For this reason, Grace is working to combat the effects from inadequate housing by attacking the problem at the source. The home construction project through Grace provides a one bedroom and one bathroom home to families living in extreme poverty and unfit conditions. Not only will the family have a safely constructed block home but also an indoor bathroom. Providing sanitary living conditions to these families will make a great improvement in their lives.

Each home costs $2,400 to construct. If you are interested in donating the funds to construct a home for a member of the community or are interested in funding and constructing the home yourself, please contact info@graceenglishschool.org  for more information on how you can volunteer with us at Grace.

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