Be a Volunteer

Volunteer with Grace

Our GES staff cannot speak highly enough about the volunteers that have partnered with our organization. Working with such great volunteers makes our students excited to come to class every day and allows our other programs to continue to grow and succeed. We are always looking forward to partnering with different individuals and groups to see what exciting new ideas and people will contribute to our organization whether they are there for a day or 6 months! At Grace, we want our volunteers to know their value and that without them the services we provide to the local community would not be the same.

Check out our Volunteer Manual and if you are interested in volunteering with Grace, then please send us an email at about how you or your group can get involved! We hope to see you in Guatemala soon!

Why Work With Grace

It can be daunting choosing the right organization to volunteer with. At Grace, we hope to make your decision a lot easier! We want to work with individuals and groups alike for any time period. Please note that we do not charge any volunteering or administration fees! You can read more about the fees associated with some of our other projects in our volunteer manual.

In Country Programs

We have a number of different projects that you and your team can work with. Get involved with our after school English program, working in our dental and medical clinic, teach music or art classes to our students, install wood efficiency stoves, or build a home! You can customize your itinerary with Grace and make it the experience you want.

Staying in Guatemala

We will help you arrange all of your lodging and transportation. We can help you find different accommodations that suit your group’s needs and budget. We love working with volunteers to make sure they get a lot out of their experience with Grace! We want you to not only enjoy your time at Grace but also seeing the beautiful country of Guatemala!