About Us

img_3418-1Grace English School is working to provide more opportunities to young people in Chimaltenango, Guatemala through English education.

As an accredited 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization, our mission is to contribute to the education of young Guatemalans through professional English instruction utilizing modern technology while also providing health programs and vocational training to the community. We work in alliance with other national and international organizations that are also contributing to the educational development of the Guatemalan community.

Our vision is to educate young people in Guatemala and give them a high quality of English instruction and utilize technology so they not only learn English but also experience other cultures.  Our educational programs will help to raise the level of standards and success in education. Through these programs, our students will obtain a professional career in the community.
At Grace, we not only want to instruct our students in English but also install in them values that will help them thrive in the future. Some of these values include respect, knowledge, faith, service, diversity, confidence, growth, and change. Through our classes in language instruction, music, and art we hope the students are able to go into the future with a high self esteem and confidence to obtain the career they want. If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a GES student, please contact us for more information or donate today!
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At GES, we want to be more than just a school. We want to be a place where children are truly able to learn and grow as a whole child that can succeed and prosper. A large part of what we have done in 2017 has continued to advance that goal. Grace has programs and events seven days a week, children come to GES to learn but also to find a safe nurturing place to explore and grow. By stocking Grace with donated computers, projectors, board games, and arts and crafts materials, GES is truly a place where students want to come, before and after school and during the holidays. We plan to continue growing the number of students and their families we serve year after year continuing to impact thee and improving the health and welfare of the local population.